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Air Conditioning

The secret to a comfortable summer in Michigan is a reliable air conditioner. So what do you do when your air conditioner stops being reliable? Trust the licensed air conditioning repair experts at Ajax Heating & Air Conditioning to resolve the problem quickly and correctly, so you can get back to normal! When you need us, we will always answer your call. If you notice your air conditioner cycling on and off more than usual, making strange noises or producing bad smells or hot air, call us right away!

Furnaces & Heating Systems

If you have noticed that your bill for heating has increased, your furnace could need repairs or need to be completely replaced. When heating units don't work at their maximum level, it can contribute to an inefficient furnace. Routine maintenance can keep you from spending extra money when your furnace breaks down and stops working. If your furnace needs repairs, we can fix it. We can ensure your furnace is working properly and at maximum efficiency. Let us help you save time and money!

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